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Side Hustle with Andrew Lima – 001

Learn about starting a Side Hustle in this Howzit Podcast episode. I recently realized that I thrive most when I am sharing experiences with people. I am a pretty good listener and usually quite interested in how people got to where they are in their life.

Last week, I was conducting my very first webinar interview with a customer for work. It went so well, and I was so charged after the episode that I basically decided right then and there to start a podcast.

That is how The Howzit Podcast was born.

I was so excited that I lined up a couple of guests using Twitter. I had already two guests lined up before I had anything else in place.

Episode 001 – Starting a Side Hustle with Andrew Lima

For my first guest, I chose to interview my very own brother, Andrew Lima. Andrew is great and we certainly have been through a lot together. Who better to start this podcast journey off with than one of the people I am most fond of?

Plus, Andrew has got some serious experience and knowledge on a subject that MANY people want to know about – Side Hustles.

Watch Episode 001

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