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Howzit Podcast

North vs. South

North vs. South | Seagyn Davis | #Howzit#Podcast Ep.006 In this weeks episode with Seagyn Davis (Leadhome) • Remote work during the pandemic • Moving away from owning your own company • Touch Rugby league… Read More »North vs. South

Ubuntu Baba

On today’s episode of the Howzit Podcast, I am talking with Shannon McLaughlin. Shannon, is a designer, entrepreneur, and founder of Ubuntu Baba. We cover a lot in this episode, and I would highly recommend… Read More »Ubuntu Baba

This is Me

In this week’s podcast episode I thought to give you a little more information about me, Travis Lima. I plan to share with you some details of why I started the Howzit Podcast and why… Read More »This is Me

Let’s Get Frugal

In this week’s Howzit Podcast, I am joined by Frugal Local. A South African personal finance guru. In this episode we cover quite a bit. Everything from getting started with savings, tax free savings accounts,… Read More »Let’s Get Frugal