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Progress is Slow. Play the Long Game.

Progress is not about getting lucky and striking the big one. Although things can happen like that, it often doesn’t. Progress is about sticking to something. Moving slow and steady. Building momentum, by simply moving forward. Bit by bit.

I am reading the book, Atomic Habits by James Clear. A fantastic book that talks about how small consistent changes to your habits can yield very big results over time.

Make Progress Slowly

I have found this to be true with life and almost everything that you might want to develop. Want to read a 300-page book? Instead of trying to do it in one sitting, why not ready 10 pages each day for 30 days? Tackling 10 pages seems a lot more reasonable than climbing a 300 pager mountain in one feat.


Just like investing over time. Our efforts can compound over time too. This means that if we consistently make small increments each day, we will reap major results if we are patient enough. James Clear writes, “Imagine if you could make 1% progress each day”.

That is what it means to make progress slowly. To play the long game. Keep at it. Don’t give up.

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