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I am Building a Product!

This next venture sure is going to be exciting. I have decided to start executing some of my ideas that I have been having over the years. I would like to introduce Quest to you. A free dark theme for Slack.

Launch Fast. Fail Fast.

I came across the idea for Quest, like many of my other unactioned ideas. While browsing Twitter one day, I saw a tweet that inspired it all.

However, Quest, unlike any of my other ideas is different. How? Well, Quest was the first project that I decided to execute on. And it feels pretty good.

The main idea is to execute. Quickly and effectively. This usually means a sacrifice of quality for sure. But, I don’t think I could stand another idea going cold on me. No. It’s time to try things out and learn by doing.

Quest a free dark slack theme
Quest – A free dark theme for Slack.

Quest – A Free Dark Slack Theme

So what is this product? Quest is a dark Slack theme that is available for anyone to download and use. It was designed specifically for digital nomads, designers, and developers alike. Many of these online professionals communicate with their clients and team members for hours each day on Slack.

Quest was designed to be easy on the eye and to offer its users a delightful yet unintrusive experience. The ultimate dark Slack theme.

Check it out here:

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