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I was Pitched a Baseball Analogy.

A friend wrote this to me after I told him that I failed three times at a particular event. I was impressed, mainly because he used baseball to illustrate his point. Thanks, friend. You know who you are.

Baseball Analogy

You entered the ballpark, stepped down from the pavilion into the ballpark.

It is comfortable in the pavilion, amongst the opinionated crowd, but you dared to step onto the field, pick up a bat and take a swing. Stepping onto the plate means facing highspeed baseballs, and with each pitch comes with it, uncertain opportunity.

You will swing the bat. Some you will nick, on others you will walk, but all of us will probably miss more than we’d like to admit. But it is only by standing there and facing every pitch, bursting with opportunity, rife with uncertainty, that you will be ready to hit that one baseball. Right on the sweet spot. Past the fielders, over the crowd, and out of the ballpark.

Home run.

But until then, keep facing those pitches. Adjust your feet. Correct your grip. Anticipate the pitch. Loosen up. Focus. Swing that bat with all you have.

You are in the field, and it only happens on the field. Swing away.

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