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Life is tough.

Life is not supposed to be easy.

As much as I would love to think otherwise, the reality is life can be difficult at times.

We hope for it to be easy and although it has its moments.

Life tends to throw us a curveball (made of molten lava) from time to time.

So where does this leave us?

Well, I recently finished watching both seasons of The Mandalorin.

(Which I highly recommend by the way)

The Mandalorian

Time and time again, ‘Mando’ is pummelled by insurmountable odds (aka life).

And what does this ‘Mando’ do when he gets out of the frying pan only to find himself in the fire?

He presses on.

He doesn’t stop to think.

“What did I do wrong?”

“This is unfair!”

“Can I just get a break already?!”

He looks ahead and tackles the problem as best he can with what he’s got.

That’s it.

I have to say, this inspired me.

I know it’s just a TV show.

But there was something about the way he just accepted the situation and tried his best to conquer it.

That spoke to me.

I can definitely learn from that.

Just keep moving.

Try your best.

Work with what you got.

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