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I love teaching.

Over the last two weeks, I have been fortunate enough to onboard a new Member to the Paid Memberships Pro team. To make things even more interesting, the new team member was my wife, Ansie.

I would not have considered myself to be a teacher in any regard. But as the weekend before Ansie’s trial started came to a close, I found that I was becoming increasingly more excited to get this trial and training underway. I caught myself thinking and strategizing of the various ways to bring certain concepts over in an easy-to-understand way. Here are some details of my experiences.

Two Mountains.

Fortunately for me. Ansie is really quite smart. She catches onto concepts quickly and throws herself into whatever she does at full force. I have come to appreciate these two characteristics of hers greatly over the last two weeks.

All flattery aside. The facts remained. There was still two monumental mountains for this Registered Nurse and Midwife to climb and that was the a) The WordPress Mountain and b) The Paid Memberships Pro mountain. Depending on who you ask, these can either be really quite simple to climb. But for someone who has never seen a WordPress Dashboard before and with PMPro having ~90+ Add Ons. Trust me it is quite a steep learning curve.

Let’s climb this thing, together.

After a bit of thought, on Ansie’s

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