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Hi, I’m Travis.

I am a designer, marketer, and creator.

I have been working in the tech industry for almost a decade and have several years’ worth of remote working experience.

I’ve helped a WordPress company grow its membership-base from 60,000 to 100,000+ users, produced hundreds of articles, videos, and illustrations. I have been there and back again. I would love to hear from you. Let’s connect.

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Travis Lima sitting in his office.

Latest Article

How to Get Freelance Work – How I went from zero to a freelance business owner.

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Watch my story of how I got my first freelance client.


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About Me

I am a self-proclaimed Polymath. Which basically means that I enjoy trying a bunch of things. You know, that saying? Jack of all trades, master of some none. That’s me. I am currently working in a distributed company as a remote worker for a WordPress membership plugin company.

At the moment, I am totally fascinated with making valuable content. I am making movies on YouTube. Speaking to interesting people on a Podcast. Writing my thoughts and experiences on my blog. Oh, and I am currently making some digital products – Pomodo: Get Things Done and Quest Theme.


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