Dribbble Debut Shot

Today, I finally decided to get my debut Dribbble shot out to the Dribbble community.  For most, it is really no big deal, but as I mentioned in my Achievement unlocked blog post towards the end of last year to be a player in the game of Dribbble, you need to be invited by another ‘player’. A player who deems your design skills worthy to join this ‘elite’ social network of arguably the best designers in the world.

Dribbble Debut Shot
My Dribbble debut shot

A debut shot, is the first shot or image upload that gets placed in the debut category, where all designers can go welcome the newbies. It is exciting how the team at Dribbble have set up the ‘Debut’ feature because you basically get ‘one shot’ to make your mark. The image above was my final design. Literally after weeks of scanning the net for inspiration on to create the perfect shot. I realized that it would be best to stick with what I know and that is layout or Product design.

After the dust has settled. I learned that you should not let any ‘title’ or achievement or status define you. Be happy with who you are and challenge yourself. Do not compare yourself to others but embrace your weaknesses and own your strengths. Live life to the fullest and enjoy the journey.

After receiving my sorely sought after Dribbble invite, I made it! I won! I did it! Finally… But you know what? I went to bed that night and still woke up the same person the following day. Make goals, improve your life, keep learning but don’t let those goals define you.

If you want to see my first debut in the wild (currently sitting on 11 12 likes ), click here.


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