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North vs. South

North vs. South | Seagyn Davis | #Howzit#Podcast Ep.006 In this weeks episode with Seagyn Davis (Leadhome) • Remote work during the pandemic • Moving away from owning your own company • Touch Rugby league… Read More »North vs. South

go on that run

Go On That Run.

Last week I published a tweet that read: I reluctantly went for a run today. Didn’t really feel like it but I went anyway. I took a run along the beach and came across a… Read More »Go On That Run.

All aboard the YouTube Train 🚂

I am happy to announce that I have officially become a YouTube Contributor and Creator. I even have 1 Subscriber, thanks, mom

Deep Work

I am currently reading a book by Cal Newport called “Deep Work”.

I love my team

That’s not something many can say, unfortunately. But it’s true, I love my team and my bosses. To have it good with your team and bosses is something that is very rare and something that… Read More »I love my team