PMPro Code Gist #2

Recently,  I was privileged enough to help another customer with a simple but effective code recipe (that is what we call a snippet of code, also known as a code gist).

This particular coding recipe will enable you to disable certain features of our Capture Name & Address for Free Levels or Off-Site Payment Gateway Add On.

In this particular case, our customer wanted to use this Add On to capture billing details from his members when checking out with the Off-Site Payment Gateway – PayPal Express.  But, wanted to disable the billing details for his Free Level (the Add On above would have inserted these billing fields into both the free and premium levels).


There is something deeply satisfying with Code and the ability to form, mold, hack and debug your way to a solution. Especially a solution which produces desirable results that turn into awesome reviews!!

Customer Support Review

In an online video, not so long ago, I heard a quote that went something like:

The Programmers, developers and coders of today are the modern Wizards and Rock Stars of our age. – Will I Am (I think..)

Back then, I thought: “Well that was a bit much.”

But I have to admit, there really is something quite magical about turning some lines of seemingly odd and encoded digits and figures into solutions that help make peoples lives better.

If you want to learn to develop cool, new things why not try:

  1. Treehouse – Great guided video developer series.
  2. FreeCodeCamp – Learn to code. No Videos but it’s free and easy to get started!
  3. Allessandro Castellani (YouTube) – One of the best, if not the BEST YouTube instructor I ever had!!

By hook or by crook

Recently I wrote my first ever coding gist from scratch! I know, it really isn’t such a big deal but for me it was really nice to experience some progress being made of my developer skills.

I have tinkered with pre-written gists, made edits to some to suit my own preferences but never have I made one from scratch.

In the below gist, I basically hook into the a part of the Paid Memberships Pro code that handles the different currencies of the plugin and adjust the layout of the Danish Krone. This was inspired by one of our members who needed the layout of the currency to look a little different to how (PMPro) handle currency layout by default.

Creating this gist involved me, looking for the location of the currencies, figuring out where to hook into the code and then of course, writing a function that will ultimately change the default currency layout to that of our client’s request.

One happy client

No big deal, right? Sure. If you are a developer!

Perhaps, this calls for a bit more of an in depth step by step guide on how I did this and the process I followed? If you think so, let me know in the comments below.

Want to learn more?

I would highly recommend checking out Alessandro Castellani and specifically his WordPress 101 for beginner developers.


Happy Coding :)!

Snippets of the day #2

Previously, I posted a “Tweet of the day” blog post. The idea here was to share some cool tweets that stood out for me. Since the web extends far beyond Twitter (surprise, surprise). I decided to include stuff I come across, like articles and videos too!

    1. Tweet of the day – Hugh Lashbrooke giving some insight on some of the stereotypical working conditions in the “dev” industry and how things turned out for him once he left.

    2. The ONE THING holding developers back by Jarvis Johnson – I see a blog post coming up. 

    3. How much is enough? – The Ground Up Show by Matt D’Avella



All topics relating to worry and anxiety really get my attention. Having been bound and undiagnosed by an anxiety disorder for nearly two decades has made me very sensitive to the subject and somewhat of an advocate in this area.

Below is an article from Daily Stoic. It is not meant to be a cure for someone with an anxiety disorder at all – but it might help someone out there. It helped me.

Here’s why worry is pointless.

Humble people worry less than the arrogant. Why is that? Because they aren’t so conceited as to think they have any idea (or control over) what may or may not happen. The poet Rilke put it well: “Life is not even close to being as logically consistent as our worries; it has many more unexpected ideas and many more facts than we do.”

Worry is pointless not only because it rarely makes things better, but also because you’re rarely ever worried about the right thing!

Seneca’s line was that “nothing happens to the wise man contrary to his expectation.” By that the arrogant person might take it to mean that the wise man is so smart that they are aware of all the possibilities. The humble soul knows that is probably not what Seneca meant. They know it’s more plausible that the wise are aware of Murphy’s Law and the absurd randomness of the universe. That is, within the range of expectations of the wise man is the idea that just about anything can happen.

Remember that today when you get anxious. The thing you’re hoping won’t happen, or hoping will happen…well, it’s just as likely that the world has entirely different plans for you. These plans are often things we couldn’t have even comprehended, let alone anticipated or prevented.

So let go a little bit. Don’t worry. It’s unbecoming. It’s arrogant. Be humble instead.

Keep in mind that living with a mental health disorder is something very different from ‘worrying’. This article is meant to help and not belittle or brush aside anyone with any disorders.